The miracle of childbirth is one that I am beyond blessed to witness for the second time in my life. Nick and Megan emailed me a few months back looking for a photographer for their newest addition to their family- sweet baby Milo (pronounced mee-lo). Megan assured me that both of her previous births were pretty quick! So when Thanksgiving came and she was having contractions on and off the few days prior, we were thinking we were going to have a Thanksgiving baby! Milo had other thoughts. He almost came on his grandpa’s birthday too,but decided he didn’t want to wait that long! After several hours of labor, and a few redoses of epidural, we discovered that Megan’s water had formed a little air pocket and it was making it pretty tough for baby to come down. Just a short time before midnight, and his grandpa’s birthday, Milo pushed his way out into the world! I say Milo, because mom didn’t have to do any pushing!! Once that water was fully broken and the air pocket moved he just slid right out! It was such a fascinating moment- seeing the human body do exactly what it was created to do! How great is our God!
Shawnee Mission was awesome! They devoted one on one care to Megan 99% of the day. And that other 1% was just when they left the room so she could rest or sleep! It was an awesome experience, and I can’t wait for more births to come!


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