Lily and Josh’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect. Simple. Sweet. Elegant. I loved the traditional look of black tuxes and bridesmaids gowns. Lily stood out, and looked like an absolute princess in her stunning wedding gown. But my favorite part about their day was they way they talked about God’s hand in their relationship, and, of course, all the love! Lily’s closest family and friends came all the way from Korea to be a part of their special day. And both sides welcomed Bride and Groom with open arms. There was so much love and support surrounding them in the people they love.
They met in Bible College and Josh proposed while they were both in Korea. They had a ceremony in Korea for those who couldn’t come to the states, and then in the states to process her green card, but they didn’t call themselves officially married until their wedding day here in the US! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it. It’s amazing to see two people, from two different walks of life come together in love. And it was even more amazing to hear how God’s hand was and is on their lives. Their love is sweet, and pure. I hope to photograph them many more times in the future!


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