Guys, I may have made a mistake. I think I got to photograph the greatest elopement ever, and I don’t know how any will ever compare after this. Okay, okay – I may be a little biased here, since Sage has been one of my closest friends since childhood, and I absolutely adore her (now) husband, Michael. But I don’t think I’m out of line, because this was a really unique elopement.

First, since Sage and Michael are local to my area, I got to fly out on the same plane with them. We hung out on the plane, during the layover, and we stayed in the same hotel. I even got to share a room with Sage, which made us feel like we were kids having a sleepover again. We stayed up way too late chatting and catching up. We ate meals together, and ran errands together. I felt like a bridesmaid or wedding planner more than a photographer since I got to tag along for all of the activities! It was truly a special time.

We went out scouting locations a day or two before, and we picked the perfect spot for their family to join them at their ceremony, as well as some amazing locations to take their photos after.

When Sage first reached out to me, and said they were eloping to Arches National Park, all I could picture was her gorgeous red hair, and those gorgeous red rocks. I am 100000000% obsessed with every image, and I could not feel more blessed to have been a part of their wedding day.

If you’re considering eloping to Arches National Park, I feel pretty confident in saying I know some amazing spots and hikes to go on. And I would love to be your guide! Bring me along on your Moab adventure.

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