A few years ago, my best friend invited my family to join theirs for lunch one day. Her brother was bringing his girlfriend, who I had heard so much about, and they couldn’t wait for us to meet her! All good things, of course. In fact, they loved her so much, they hoped she’d stick around. Fast forward to earlier this year, and they were engaged!

Jaycee and Camden had some engagement photos done by a close friend, and while they appreciated this friend so much, and loved the photos, they just didn’t match their style and vision. My best friend gave them my info, and Jaycee and Camden decided to reach out to me. Afraid I was out of their budget, I assured them that we’d get them taken care of! And with just a couple of months before their wedding date, they were officially booked. It’s not often I get to be a part of a wedding where I know MANY of the guests and wedding party. But when I do, it is such an absolute blast! I’m so glad Jaycee and Camden took a chance on me. Their wedding was so beautiful. Full of love, and excitement to start their journey together as a married couple. I have no doubt that they will do well together.

When I delivered their gallery, Jaycee texted me this reply “Britny, thank you so much!! We’re not even half way through and they look absolutely incredible. Yes, I am already crying! We’re so so happy you were able to be our photographer. I have no words other than thank you. And, THE WOODS ONES LOOK MAGICAL.”

She’s right, they were magical.

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